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In 1992, after the transition to democracy, the Vicariate of Solidarity ended its official activities. In order to preserve the historical records and memory of this important institution, the Catholic Church created the Foundation for Documentation and Archive of the Vicariate of Solidarity in August of 1992. Today, the Archive is part of the parish church of the Natividad del Señor in the eastern Santiago district (or comuna) of La Reina. They have a vast collection of resources including photographs, videos, and documents which are available for use by researchers and the general public. While all materials must remain in the archive reading room, visitors are permitted to make photocopies. We visited the Archive of the Vicariate on two occasions while in Chile and found many valuable sources for our research.  The work of the Vicariate of Solidarity during the dictatorship is a major part of Chile’s history and it is critical that this work is not forgotten (