Dr. Liliana Trevizan Interview

Dr. Liliana Trevizan has been a Spanish professor in the Department of Modern Languages at SUNY Potsdam for the last 25 years. Raised in Punta Arenas, Chile, she experienced the Pinochet dictatorship first hand as a young adult. Dr. Trevizan was 19-years-old and studying at the University of Santiago when the Allende government fell. She was home in Punta Arenas on the day of the coup when the Chilean military bombed the presidential palace in Santiago, La Moneda, and she listened to Allende's final speech on the radio. At this time, Dr. Trevizan was affiliated with the MAPU party and full-heartedly believed in Allende's Socialist Party. This interview with Dr. Trevizan provides a closer look from the perspective of a young, left activist on how life in Chile was transformed during the Pinochet dictatorship. In the interview, she recalls being interrogated by the military police in a building later known for the torture and disappearance of those in opposition to the regime. She also discusses her work with the School of Democracy, which she and friends founded during Pinochet's regime to educate both youth and adults, and the fear that eventually led her to leave Chile towards the end of the regime. This interview allows us to understand the real fear and terror Chileans lived with every day, especially those that resisted the political and civil injustices being committed.

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